This weekend I photographed Jeff and Stephanie’s engagement session in Downtown, Los Angeles.  We walked around Olvera Street while a large celebration was happening.  It was crowded, music blasting, and the smell of good food was everywhere – it was quintessential LA.  We then walked over to Union Station to take some more photographs.  Union Station is simply beautiful, that place always amazes me – plus, how cool are those large old chairs?  It was a blast hanging out with Jeff and Stephanie and what would you know… we made some great images too.

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6 Responses to “Olvera Street Engagement Session | Jeff and Stephanie”

  1. Barbara says:

    Lovely, hip-looking couple. Great photos.

  2. sonia lee says:

    That’s my beautiful daughter and soon to be son-in-law. Amazing Photos! I’m crying now gotta go.

  3. Macey says:

    I LOVE THESE PICTURES! That’s my sister! and my soon to be brother in law! I love these pictures!!! :)

  4. Eric says:

    Glad you guys are enjoying the photos! Thanks.

  5. Jordan says:

    Great shots, and a fun looking couple! Love the urban feel you’ve captured!

  6. What an awesome set! Beautiful couple, setting and exposures!

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